I'm a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Philology, Literature, and Linguistics of the University of Pisa, a member of the Computational Liguistics (CoLing) Laboratory and a Subject Expert/Teaching Assistant ("Cultore della Materia") in Glottology and Linguistics.

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I was born in Varese in 1979.

I got my PhD at the Doctoral School in Cognitive and Brain Sciences of the University of Trento, where I focused on the problem of enriching MultiWordNet with speaker-elicited semantic knowledge in order to develop a tool to support anomia rehabilitation.

I graduated at the University of Siena, where I got my bachelor in Communication Science with a dissertation about Autism and Relevance Theory, and my master degree in Linguistics with a dissertation about Lexical Information and Word Sense Disambiguation.

In the meantime, I spent my semester abroad at the University of Genève, I did my first internship [2003] in the Child Neuropsychiatry ward of the policlinico Le Scotte in Siena, and the second one [2007] in the Computational Linguistics Lab of the Interdipartimental Center for Cognitive Studies of Language (CISCL) in Siena.

Currently, my research activity is focused on the following topics:

  • Verbal Semantics
  • Distributional Semantics
  • Corpus Linguistics
  • Computational Lexicography

Other domains I'm interested in include Language Acquisition, Language Processing and Pragmatics.


Research Projects I've been involved in:

  • CombiNet: Word Combinations in Italian external url

    [University of Rome 3/University of Pisa/University of Bologna]

    A 3-year poject coordinated by Raffaele Simone (University of Rome 3), in which the main role of the CoLing group is to develop computational methods for extracting distributional information from corpora.
  • LexIt external url

    [University of Pisa]

    An on line database containing automatically corpus-derived information on the argument structure properties of Italian verbs.
  • Memorie di Guerra external url

    [University of Pisa/ILC-CNR/University of Siena]

    The goal of this project is the application of State-of-the-Art NLP techniques to war memories and historical documents, in order to enhance historical research and to preserve the historical memory of these events.
  • HLTs as Support for Language Disorders Therapy

    [University of Trento/Fondazione Bruno Kessler]

    The aim of this project was to cross-fertilize recent advances in the areas of the neuropsychology of language disorders and of computational word meaning and common sense knowledge representation to build a Computer Assisted Therapy tool in Italian (STaRS.sys) that supports anomia rehabilitation.
  • Siena University Treebank external url

    [University of Siena]

    The SUT is a manually aligned bilingual treebank Italian - Italian Sign Language provided with both constituency and dependency annotation.


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gianluca.lebani (AT) for.unipi.it


gianluca (DOT) lebani


(+39) 050 2215674


Laboratorio di Linguistica Computazionale

Dipartimento di Filologia, Letteratura e Linguistica

via Santa Maria 36

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